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High Power LED Bar
(made with the brightest 5W LED chips)

Are you looking for extreme bright LED strip? Look no further, we have the right product you want, our LED strip is made with the brightest LED chips from CREE or from Osram.
It is ultra high lumen, waterproof, slim and light weight, dimmable, aluminum housing for good heat dissipation...
Probably the brightest LED bar in the market.
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High Power LED Bar - Best Supply Ltd HK
CREE High Power
CREE 3*5W high power LED strip

Driverless Power Led Module
Powered by AC 120V (100~120V) / 220V (200~240V) directly.
AC-LED module that connects directly to the AC mains while delivering photometric and electrical performance similar to that achieved by DC-driven designs.
We guarantee you the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.
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AC LED module-Best Supply Ltd HK
AC LED Module Best Supply Ltd HK
AC LED Module Best Supply Ltd HK



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