World's Largest Producer of Electrodes, Rare Gases, Fluorescent Tubing, and Equipment for the Neon and Lighting Industry. Developed and supported by the industry’s most renowned phosphor chemists with over 70 years of combined experience, these formulations deliver unmatched brightness and stability without flaking, wash-out ripples, specks, or darkening at the bends (even with shades of blue!And, with EGL’s Total Quality Management Program you can count on consistent color and longevity, tube-to-traceable-tube, box-to-box, year-to-year.

EGL has introduced more new colors in the last 10 years than any other source – stunning, saturated colors such as Topic Yellow, Tropic Green, Flamingo, Violet II, and Seacrest, that give your neon a brilliant, fresh look.

Choose from coated lead glass colors, including tri-phosphors and the world’s brightest whites, and coated and uncoated machine-drawn Accuwall colored glass – a total of over 70 colors now in stock for immediate shipment, including colors comparable to other makers but with superior batch-to-batch consistency! And no one provides faster turn-around on special colors – with no minimums!

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EGL’s proprietary phosphor coatings dramatically boost adhesion, uniformity, brightness, and long-term color stability – virtually eliminating flaking, color wash-out, and darkening of bends and splices. EGL phosphor coatings combine special adhesives, the world’s finest phosphors, and a range of proprietary ingredients – specially processed, uniformly coated, baked and annealed in computer-controlled ovens at 1000F (532C).
All EGL tubing is individually straightened, fire-polished, washed, and dried, using EGL’s special Sani-Dry process to eliminate residue contamination. It is then coated, baked, and annealed, reducing glass stress and strain. The world’s finest phosphors, proprietary adhesives, and special additives combine to provide unmatched brilliance and consistency without flaking, even at the tightest bends.

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Up to 300% brighter than conventional neon, plus greater output stability and stain resistance. The newest generation of neon tubing from EGL is an outcome of recent advances in television screen technology that utilize rare earth phosphors to achieve the brilliant quality you enjoy today. EGL has combined the latest in rare-earth phosphor technology with over 65 years of experience in neon tube making to create and entirely new generation of ultra-high performance neon tubing -- the CL Designer? series. Available in a range of eight whites and six colors, CL Designer tubing is the ideal alternative to conventional neon.



EGL Electrodes have consistently raised the industry standards for reliability and performance since their introduction in 1930. To ensure rigid quality control, all phases of manufacturing are performed in-house, including emission coating, inverter welding shells with lead wires, and sealing and centering the mounts in glass envelopes. Today EGL manufactures over 75 standard and custom electrodes-- the world’s broadest line-- to satisfy your most specialized requirement without compromise.

The latest addition to the growing family of EGL electrodes is the “Premium Plus” electrode series, combining the features you need for the ultimate in brilliance, clarity, and longevity.

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