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HANSEN GMBH, one of the leading LED manufacturer in Europe of energy-saving LED technology for high-volume, solid-state lighting markets, The company's proprietary technology and innovative designs have enabled the company to develop advanced solid-state lighting products that offer superior quality, are lower in cost and are environmentally friendly.


When it comes to illuminating channel letters in advertising signs, the LED Tube has become a “classic” among our products. Robust, adaptable, easy to install and equipped with LEDs from renowned manufacturers it has proved itself in practice time and again.
Different LED spacings allow the costs and brightness to be controlled and the illumination to be perfectly adapted to different fonts and profile widths.
In addition to the seven LED colours available from stock, the LED Tube can also be supplied with customized colour shades.

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Hansen electronic converter

Electronic converters have several advantages over conventional wire wound transformers; especially for small portable signs. Firstly they are considerably lighter and smaller than an equivalent output wire wound transformer. Because they have constant current characteristics they will light a tube to the same brightness be it short or long, and because the operating frequency is 20,000 Hz this light is flicker free. When you combine this with inbuilt protection devices and elegant design you have the perfect power supply for most portable signs.


Converters for the LED Tube

For series-connected LEDs – as in our LED Tube – we offer various types of converters for different colours of light and different wattages. The converters are available in dimmable and non-dimmable versions.

High-power LED converters

Our electronic converters are the right choice for the operation of series-connected high-power LEDs. The input voltage is rectified and smoothed by means of a capacitor. A complementary electronic circuitry ensures a constant output current.

Product list


Whether indoors or outdoors – due to their low overall depth our LED Luminous Panels are always a good choice, for example for backlighting digital prints or acrylic glass panes. At the same time, the panels are extremely lightweight and suitable for picture sizes of up to 2,000 mm x 1,200 mm. Shining in modern, clear white light or setting coloured accents – the Luminous Panel always creates a highly aesthetic result which requires very little maintenance.



Simple and clever installation of illuminated shelves in shops! The Snap-in Lightboard is a variant of our Luminous Panel with an electrified shelf support system. The 14 mm thin board has no connection cables. Instead, current-carrying spring pins make contact to the wall-mounted support rail, lighting up the board. Once installed, the board can be exchanged without any tools. With absolutely homogeneous light shining upwards and downwards, the Snap-in Lightboard allows spectacles, shoes or accessories to be perfectly displayed – atmospheric ambient lighting included.



Facade Profile is the right choice for illuminating the contours of buildings and petrol stations. Seamless and shadow-free, it emphasizes the shape of buildings and structures during the day and at night. The profile comes completely pre-assembled including converter and cover. The latter is attached to a base which contains the entire technical equipment.

Hansen have a wide range of luminaire products with special features, such as STAR Profile. Profile CARMEN, Profile VEGA, LED PIPE, wall Floodlight, Rainbow RGB|RGBW, SIRIUS 24W light bulb and GALAXXIS LED street lamps.

LED Electronic Devices : radio remote controller, dimmers & flash units and light controls (light sensors, dmx control, 0-10V interface...)