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SIET was established in 1988 and has its registered office and factory in Silea, province of Treviso. From there Siet sells transformers and accessories to the neon industry worldwide. The superb quality of SIET Neon Transformer makes it fully complies with various standards and regulations (such as ENEC, IMQ, SEV, VDE, CE, UL, etc.) with no need for alterations. Siet has also been qualified for International ISO 9001:2000 certificate of quality and service.

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Our SIET products are 100% original high-voltage transformers imported from Italy. In order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, please beware of counterfeit SIET high-voltage transformers, so as to avoid serious losses and accidents caused by the unsafe and short life of fake and inferior products!


With it's strong steel container of electro-galvanised plate, coated with thermosetting polyester powders, the whole transformer is surrounded by a shield at zero potential that is higly resistant to atmospheric conditions, and is prevented from splitting and thermal dilatation (known to cause cracks). The transformer is built around a patented magnetic core of special low-leakage ferromagnetic alloy, which limits heat loss, resulting in a much lower input current in the absence of load. The two independant secondary windings are earthed by means of a fault detector. Impregnation with epoxy resin plus treated mineral excipient fillers is carried out under hard vacuum and a controlled atmosphere and ensures excellent heat conductivity and dielectric characteristics. There are still many special features and all these make the Siet Transformer a class above all the other transformers. Due to these uncommon characteristics it has penetrated even the most difficult markets in the most varied of climate.
Special Transformer up to 200kV (information available upon request).

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Where atmospheric agents are less aggressive, the same transformer has been put in a strong, self-extinguishing plastic container suitable for indoor applications, with reduced height and light colour housing. Like the Metalbox, it is impregnated with special resin, the steel screws are treated with Dacromet, the wire-clamping plates are in nickel-plated brass.

LEXADISTOP is the same as LEXABOX but built-in with the earth leakage switch (Distop).

NEW product: LEXTERIOR 200mA TWIN 2x990/200 is for extreme bright neon!


DimmerBox (Dimmer for neon)

Designed for wall mounting or for mounting on DIN rail, it can be connected to several transformers (max 15 A) by using STAR connection boxes.

Dimmerbox is user friendly: easy to install and modular: when the load exceeds 15 A or in case of three-phases net installation, it is possible to connect more devices to each other, as per the attached instructions.

The dimmeration can be done in different ways: - manually, through a remote control; - through any device with 1-10V output (i.e. a PLC) - through any device with Dali output (i.e. a digital interface) connecting Dimmerbox to the Dali 1-10V interface - through a timer.

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